Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC): 2018-19

UCLA has the largest and most diverse faculty in Asian American Studies in the nation, with nearly sixty professors who teach and undertake research on Asian Pacific Americans from disciplines ranging from History to Urban Planning, and Literature to Public Health.

Faculty Advisory Committee Chair

Randall Akee

Keith Camacho (Asian American Studies)

May Wang  kcamacho(at)ucla.edu

Members of the Faculty Advisory Committee (By Last Name: A-G | H-L | M-O | P-Z)

Randall Akee

Randall Akee (Public Policy)

Randall Akee  rakee(at)ucla.edu

Randall Akee

Juliann Anesi (Gender Studies/Asian American Studies)

Randall Akee  janesi(at)ucla.edu

Victor Bascara

Victor Bascara (Asian American Studies)

Victor Bascara  vbascara(at)asianam.ucla.edu

Research Focus  Research

Roshan Bastani

Roshan Bastani (School of Public Health)

Roshan Bastani  bastani(at)ucla.edu

Research Focus  Research

Lucy Burns

Lucy Burns (Asian American Studies)

Lucy Burns  lmburns(at)ucla.edu

Keith Camacho

Keith Camacho (Asian American Studies)

Keith Camacho  kcamacho(at)ucla.edu

Michelle Caswell

Michelle Caswell (Information Studies)

Michelle Caswell  caswell@(at)gseis.ucla.edu

Mitchell Chang

Mitchell Chang (Education and Asian American Studies)

Mitchell Chang  mjchang(at)gseis.ucla.edu

Research Focus  Research

Francesco Chiappelli

Francesco Chiappelli (Dentistry)

Kenneth Chuang  fchiappelli(at)dent.ucla.edu

Research Focus  Research

King-kok Cheung

King-kok Cheung (English and Asian American Studies)

King-kok Cheung  cheung(at)humnet.ucla.edu

Research Focus  Research

Clara Chu

Clara Chu (Information Studies, Emeritus)

Clara Chu  cchu(at)ucla.edu

Kenneth Chuang

Kenneth Chuang (Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences)

Kenneth Chuang  kchuang(at)mednet.ucla.edu

Research Focus  Research

Michelle Erai

Michelle Erai (Women's Studies)

Michelle Erai  merai(at)ucla.edu

C. Cindy Fan

C. Cindy Fan (Geography and Asian American Studies)

C. Cindy Fan  fan(at)geog.ucla.edu

Gilbert Gee

Gilbert Gee (School of Public Health)

KGilbert Gee  gilgee(at)ucla.edu

Research Focus  Research

Members of the Faculty Advisory Committee (By Last Name: A-G | H-L | M-O | P-Z)



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