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Marjorie Lee
Librarian and Reading Room Coordinator
E-mail: marjilee@ucla.edu


The Library/Reading Room welcomes all campus and community users seeking information and resources on Asian American and Pacific Islanders. The special research collection is open throughout the academic fall, winter, and spring quarters during the following days and times:




Policies in effect should be noted as the normal service of operation. Due to budgetary and resource constraints, the Library/Reading Room has had to adjust its operational services. On behalf of researchers and community leaders utilizing our Asian American Studies collection--today and in the future--we appreciate the cooperation and understanding of our users in accepting these conditions:

No circulation of any materials is permitted

No food or drinks permitted

All bags and backpacks must be checked in upon entry

Photocopier in the RR/L is available and self-run (10 cents/copy)

Time limit for public access terminal

It is hoped that the successful utilization of the RR/L's resources is not severely hindered. However, we anticipate these policies will enable us to better serve and assist our patrons for generations to follow.


The Library/Reading Room was established in the mid-1970's to support the research and instructional programs of UCLA's Asian American Studies Center (45-60 courses are offered during a single academic year). Since its formation, the RR/L has supported the Center's research and curricular programs in two ways: 1) developing and maintaining a specialized resource collection, and 2) developing multi-faceted information access to the resources.

Its mission and scope have broadened in the last 10 years to support the development and expansion of the field of Asian American Studies, to include new program areas, i.e. Preservation/Conservation, Special Collections. This past decade has also seen greater support and cooperation from the University Library, so Library/Reading Room staff engage in considerable collaboration with University librarians and archivists.

The Reading Room continues to improve and enhance its breadth of services, academic scope of the field and discipline, and the technological agenda of information management and delivery, in the following service/program areas:

Curriculum Support - assist faculty with course development; reserved reading needs, and their students' assignments (3 academic quarters).

AASC Press Journals: Amerasia Journal and AAPI Nexus archives can be found online with subscription at www.uclajournals.org.

Research Support - provide information and assistance to broad, multi-disciplinary research needs of undergraduate & graduate students, as well as faculty and visiting scholars from across the nation or abroad.>

Access/Reference Services - [Research/Curriculum Support] provide research/information assistance to both UCLA and non-UCLA communities via: 1) On-site appointment; 2) Telephone; 3) E-mail.

Collection Development - [Research/Curriculum Support] develop and maintain selective collection of books, monographs, and serials published by/for Asian American and Pacific Islander community and organizations in America.

Preservation/Conservation - [Research Support] Archive & microfilm tangible but aging evidence of the development of Asian American Studies/Movement targeting 2 bodies of materials: 1) Organizational legacy of AASC at UCLA, and 2) Periodicals now rare or Out-of-Print.

Special Collections - [Research Support] acquire, process, & catalog gifted rare and significant Special Collections that are primary to research in Asian American Studies.

Bibliographic/Information Management - [Research Support] establish bibliographic control of Asian American Studies as an academic, multi-disciplinary field of study by compiling and producing print and electronic reference sources.


For over 40 years, the RR/L has been an invaluable resource to generations of students, researchers, and community leaders and activists. It has long been recognized as one of the leading and focused special collections of printed Asian American and Pacific Islander materials in the United States. Its library collection contains over 5,000 books and monographs, along with rare and unique collections of popular and scholarly magazines, 'zines, journals, and ethnic community newspapers from across the nation. [To find out about some of the periodicals available at the RR/L, click here.]

Also available are the unique collections of articles, pamphlets, and vertical files on community organizations and contemporary issues that have proven to be valuable resources on the latest trends and issues facing Asian Pacific America. Through generous gifts and donations, the library has also been developing a collection of digital media reflecting the presence of Asian & Pacific Islander America in music, spoken word, and hip-hop.

The RR/L also houses all theses and final projects completed in fulfillment of degree requirements for the Master of Arts degree in Asian American Studies program at UCLA.

For a complete list of the graduates and their theses/project titles, click here for the "M.A. Theses filed in Asian American Studies, UCLA."

To support and enhance the research and teaching activities of UCLA's Asian American Studies Center, the Library/Reading Room also develops indexed and topical bibliographies, electronic reference tools, and other valuable resource guides.