Students & Community Projects

The Center's connections with Asian American and Pacific Islander communities and students since are partly due to the leadership of community activist Meg Malpaya Thornton, who coordinates the Students and Community Projects Unit (SCP). SCP is engaged in student leadership and organizational development, service learning and community internships, research and curriculum support, and special campus and community collaborations...

Community-University Partnership Research Projects

Affordable Housing Challenges in Historic Filipinotown (PDF)

2013 Report on the State of Cambodia Town (PDF)

The State of Chinatown Los Angeles (PDF)

Sawtelle Japantown: The Trajectory of Japanese American Neighborhoods (Report 1 PDF)

Sawtelle Japantown: Asian Neighborhoods and Official Designation (Report 2 PDF)

Sawtelle Japantown: Preserving Ethnic Neighborhoods through Cultural Institutions (Report 3 PDF)

Sawtelle Japantown: Neighborhoods Planning in Los Angeles Asian Neighborhoods (Report 4 PDF)

BESOL Policy Reports

Developed for the Ford Foundation's Building Economic Security over a Lifetime Initative...

UCLA Asian American Studies Center and the National Asian Pacific American Community Development Data Center (APACDDC)

The Asian Pacific American Community Development Data Center (APACDDC), a partnership between the National Coalition of Asian Pacific American Community Development (CAPACD) and the UCLA Asian American Studies Center (AASC), was established to serve the census data needs of CAPACD members and other Asian and Pacific Islander community based organizations...

Asian American Studies Department

Hawaii Study Abroad Summer Program

AAS Class Offerings

AASD Academic Advising

Statistics Portrait of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Other Pacific Islanders



The UCLA Asian American Studies Center, as an official U.S. Census Information Center (as a co-partner with National Coalition for Asian Pacific Community Development), is pleased to provide this 2018 statistical portrait of the Asian American and Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander populations produced by the US Census Bureau for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, which will take place in May 2018...

Untold Civil Rights Stories

In 2009, Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Los Angeles (Advancing Justice - LA), then called Asian Pacific American Legal Center of Southern California (APALC), and the UCLA Asian American Studies Center jointly edited and published Untold Civil Rights Stories, the first national guide of its kind for students, teachers, and communities...

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