Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC): 2018-19

UCLA has the largest and most diverse faculty in Asian American Studies in the nation, with nearly sixty professors who teach and undertake research on Asian Pacific Americans from disciplines ranging from History to Urban Planning, and Literature to Public Health.

Faculty Advisory Committee Chair


Keith Camacho (Asian American Studies)

May Wang kcamacho(at)ucla.edu

Takashi Makinodan (Medicine - GRECC)

May Wang tmak(at)ucla.edu

Purnima Mankekar (Asian American Studies and Women's Studies)

May Wang mankekar(at)ucla.edu

Valerie Matsumoto (History and Asian American Studies)

May Wang matsumot(at)history.ucla.edu

Sean Metzger (Theater, Film and Television)

May Wang smetzger(at)tft.ucla.edu

Rashmita Mistry (Education)

May Wang mistry(at)gseis.ucla.edu

Ailee Moon (Social Welfare and Asian American Studies)

May Wang aileem(at)ucla.edu

Hiroshi Motomura (Law)

May Wang motomura(at)law.ucla.edu


Vinit Mukhija (Urban Planning and Asian American Studies)

May Wang vmukhija(at)ucla.edu

Robert Nakamura (Asian American Studies and Japanese American Alumni Professor of Japanese American Studies, Emeritus)

May Wang robertnakamura(at)asianam.ucla.edu

Thu-Huong Nguyen-Vo (Asian Language & Cultures and Asian American Studies)

May Wang nguyenvo(at)humnet.ucla.edu

Kazuo Nihira (Pyschiatry and Biobehavorial Sciences)

May Wang knihira(at)ucla.edu

Paul Ong (Urban Planning and Asian American Studies)

May Wang pmong(at)ucla.edu

William Ouchi (Anderson School of Management)

May Wang william.ouchi(at)anderson.ucla.edu