Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC): 2018-19

UCLA has the largest and most diverse faculty in Asian American Studies in the nation, with nearly sixty professors who teach and undertake research on Asian Pacific Americans from disciplines ranging from History to Urban Planning, and Literature to Public Health.

Faculty Advisory Committee Chair


Keith Camacho (Asian American Studies)

May Wang kcamacho(at)ucla.edu

Nancy Harada (Medicine - GRECC)

May Wang nharada(at)ucla.edu

Lane Ryo Hirabayashi (Asian American Studies, Emeritus)

May Wang  hirabayashi(at)asianam.ucla.edu

Grace Hong (Asian American Studies and Women's Studies)

May Wang gracehongucla(at)gmail.com

Marjorie Kagawa-Singer (Public Health and Asian American Studies, Emeritus)

May Wang mkagawa(at)ucla.edu

Jerry Kang (Law)

May Wang kang(at)law.ucla.edu

Snehendu Kar (Public Health, Emeritus)

May Wang kar(at)ucla.edu

Gina Kim(Theater, Film and Television)

May Wang ginakim(at)tft.ucla.edu

Suk-Young Kim (Theater, Film and Television)

May Wang skim(at)tft.ucla.edu

Vinay Lal(History and Asian American Studies)

May Wang vlal(at)history.ucla.edu

Anna Lau (Psychology and Asian American Studies)

May Wang alau(at)psych.ucla.edu


Eunice Choi Lee (Nursing)

May Wang eclee(at)sonnet.ucla.edu

Rachel Lee (English)

May Wang rlee(at)humnet.ucla.edu

Jinqi Ling (English and Asian American Studies)

May Wang jling(at)humnet.ucla.edu