Seeing Our Lives

For 50 years, the research mission of the UCLA Asian American Studies Center has been to shed light on the lives and experiences of Asian Americans. To that end, we have provided support to research fellows from across the nation and the world. Thanks to our generous donors, the Center has been the institutional home to endowed chairs who are nationally-recognized leaders in teaching and research.

The Center hosts a 9-month Visiting Scholar sponsored by the Institute of American Cultures (IAC) and a 15-week Scholar-in-Residence annually.

IAC Visiting Scholars


Through research grants and contracts, the Center conducts research on a variety of topics with an emphasis on projects that have policy or community relevance. Current and past projects and related reports can be found here.

A Study of Asian American and Pacific Islander Home Ownership Behavior, funded by National Coalition of Asian Pacific American Community Development (CAPACD)

Shedding Light on Homelessness Among Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, funded by the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREA)

Past Projects

Center-sponsored Endowed Chairs are selected among UCLA faculty who conduct research on Asian American and Pacific Island populations or engage with communities on issues of concern.