Course Use

The UCLA Asian American Studies Center is a hub for research and scholarship on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. We strive to enrich classrooms and course materials by advocating use of our publications.

Republication in Class Readers

To request use of a particular article or section from one of our publications for a class reader, please contact the Center Press and provide the following information:


  1. Name and author of desired article/section

  2. Name of publication it is taken from

  3. Page numbers

  4. Course Name

  5. Professor

  6. Quarter/Semester/Academic Session in which it will be used

  7. Estimated number of copies to be made

Proper acknowledgement of title, copyright ownership by the Center, and date of publication must be included in any reprints of work.

Classroom Copies/Textbooks

Professors and other instructors have also opted to use specific journals or monographs for class use as a textbook. The Center Press encourages this practice and we provide bulk discounts for such orders.

UCLA professors are asked to notify the Center Press if they want to use our publications for class. We are able to sell publications directly to students at a discount.

Non-UCLA professors can still order publications for class use through their campus bookstore or affiliated bookseller.

Popular Classroom Use Publications

Below is a list of a few of our popular textbooks for classroom adoptions.


Recommended Classroom Usage

For ideas on how to use Center publications in your classroom, visit our Educator & Research Portal: Study & Resource Guides.