Asian Americans: The Movement and the Moment (2001)

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Editors: Steve Louie and Glenn K. Omatsu

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ISBN-10: 0-934052-32-8

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322 pages, 433 photographs/illustrations
Paperback: 8.5 x .75 x 11 inches
Hardcover: 10.9 x 8.75 x 11.5 inches

Categories: Activism; Asian American; Asian American Movement; Asian American Studies; Civil Rights; Ethnic Studies; History; Narratives; Chinese; Japanese; Korean; Filipino; Vietnamese



Asian Americans: The Movement and the Moment is a wide-ranging collection of essays and materials, which document the rich, little-known history of Asian American social activism during the years 1965-2001. This book examines the period not only through personal accounts and historical analysis but through the visual record--utilizing historical pictorial materials developed at UCLA's Asian American Studies Center on Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, and Vietnamese Americans. Included are many reproductions of photos of the period, movement comics, demonstration flyers, newsletters, posters and much more.



The Asian American Movement of the late 1960s, 1970s, and early 1980s was a watershed event for Asian and Pacific American; an "historical moment," as the late psychologist Erik Erikson would call it, when a special convergence of historical forces and individual experiences led to extraordinary social change.

Today, we take for granted the enduring legacy of the Movement’s innovative strategies, vision, and accomplishments, be it the idea of pan-Asian Pacific American unity and collective action, the founding of a multitude of community - based organizations from Boston to Los Angeles, or redress for the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II.

Asian Americans: The Movement and the Moment seeks to capture the visions and voices of the Asian American Movement, to share its profound historical lessons, and to launch a sustained examination by scholars, students, and activists on its significance to Asian Pacific Americans in today's multiracial America.
This book is the first of its kind to document, with twenty-five original essays and with hundreds of archival images and documents, the Asian American Movement from the interlinked vantage points of history and culture, politics and community, race and ethnicity, and generation and gender.


Asian Americans: The Movement and the Moment is a unique creative collective act in many respects, bringing together voices representing at least four generations of Asian American activists during the past fifty years. It is truly a book about America--and the relationship of Asian Americans with activists -- African American, Native American, Puerto Rican, Vietnamese and other Asian groups, together with activists of all political stripes and including gay and lesbian Asian activists as well.



  • Preface -- Moving The Historical Moment Forward / Don T. Nakanshi
  • Acknowledgement -- Making The Book Happen / Steve Louie
  • Introduction - When We Wanted It Done, We Did It Ourselves / Steve Louie
  • Pontifications On The Distinction Between Grains Of Sand And Yellow Pearls / Chris Iijima
  • Interview with Pat Sumi / Interviewed by Ryan Masaaki Yokota
  • From Pool Halls To Building Workers' Organizations: Lessons For Today's Activists / Warren Mar
  • Touching The Fire: An Introduction To Three Essays From Filipina American Activists / Introduction by Cecile Caguingin Ochoa
  • Holding A Pigeon In My Hand: How Community Organizing Succeeds Or Falters / Prosy Abarquez-Delacruz
  • The Chosen Road / Carol Ojeda-Kimbrough
  • Growing Up In America As A Young Filipina American During The Anti-Martial Law And Student Movement In The United States / Rose Ibanez
  • Wherever There Is Oppression / Ray Tasaki
  • It's Never Ever Boring! Triple Jeopardy From The Korean Side / Mariam Ching Yoon Louie
  • Drinking Tea With Both Hands / Nancy Hom
  • Growing Up In Turmoil: Thoughts On The Asian American Movement / Bob Hsiang
  • Parting The Wild Horse's Mane: Asian-American Images And The Asian Media Collective - A One Act Readable Play / Gordon Lee
  • Untitled Photo Essay / Corky Lee
  • Finding Our Common Interests: Personal Reflections About The Asian Movement / Liz Del Sol
  • "Action Talks And Bullshit Walks": From The Founders Of Yellow Brotherhood To The Present / Nick Nagatani
  • Roots of A Civil Rights Activist / Henry Der
  • Song of Ariran: In Memory Of Helen Foster Snow / Brenda Paik Sunoo
  • From The "Prologue" And "Epilogue" of Song Of Ariran / Nym Wales and Kim San
  • Transforming Student Elites Into Community Activists: A Legacy of Asian American Activism / Harvey Dong
  • Individually We Contributed, Together We Made A Difference / Merilynne Hamano Quon
  • Slicing Silence: Asian Progressives Come Out / Daniel C. Tsang
  • To Be A Part Of The People: The International Hotel Collective / Beverly Kordziel
  • I Come From A Yellow Seed (For Bobby) / Nelson Nagai
  • Finding A Home Community / Shinya Ono
  • The Advent And Origins Of The Asian American Movement In The San Francisco Bay Area: A Personal Perspective / Floyd Huen
  • Caring For The Soul Of Our Community: Vietnamese Youth Activism In The 1960s And Today / Tram Quang Nguyen
  • Serve The People / Mori Nishida
  • Listening To The Small Voice Speaking The Truth: Grassroots Organizing And The Legacy Of Our Movement / Glen Omatsu
  • Asian American Studies at UCLA


“New Book Published by UCLA's Asian American Studies Center Examines Asian Americans' Role in Social Activism During the Past 36 Years”

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