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The Center Press has published to fill the gaps in academia, research, and the mainstream public discourse for decades. Over the years, our articles and books have been used in classrooms, within organizations, in anthologies and textbooks, and by media outlets to educate, inspire, and activate students, members, stakeholders, and audiences.


This new section of our website seeks to offer suggestions for use of our materials, as well as options for further readings and teaching resources. It includes study guides for select issues of Amerasia Journal and reading suggestions for various topics and issues.


The Center Press will continue to add new information in the future and we encourage you check this space for updates. If would like to see any additional material or topics featured here, please contact aascpress@aasc.ucla.edu. We value your input and suggestions.

Classroom Connections | Amerasia Journal Study Guides

More Classroom Connections

Asian American/Pacific Islander Ethnicities Guides

- Ethnicity Guide to AAPI Nexus (Part of Article Index)
- Pilipino/Pilipino American Resource Guide to Center Press Publications
- Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Resource Guide for AAPI Nexus and Amerasia Journal