Multimedia Textbook on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

AAPI Multimedia Textbook: Our Vision, Our Mission OUR VISION: We envision a society where a popular understanding of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders open unlimited possibilities for building a just, multiracial, and democratic future. OUR MISSION: We redefine the narrative of our country by bringing Asian American and Pacific Islander histories and perspectives to every classroom.



Examine Asian American and Pacific Islander history and experiences as a lens to understand American history.

Develop the skills to communicate and engage different perspectives through understanding multiple ways of knowing.

Learn and apply methods of inquiry to understand structures of power and inequality and how they shape society and the environment.

Cultivate holistic well-being amongst all by strengthening historical empathy, self-worth and mutual respect, cultural expression and cross-cultural understanding.

Grow wisdom and agency to create new possibilities for a more just, equitable, democratic, non-racist, compassionate and sustainable society and world.