AAPI Multimedia Textbook

When we change the narrative of history,
we change the trajectory of the future.

The Multimedia Textbook on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders will provide the most comprehensive history of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders with embedded curricula for high school, college and lifelong learners available free online. It combines distinguished scholarship, open-access technology, and ethnic studies pedagogy to deepen public knowledge about who we are and bring Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) stories into every classroom. By making our experiences visible, we generate historical empathy and redefine the American narrative towards a more equal, just and inclusive democracy.

Especially as ethnic studies requirements take effect, we call on all teachers and educators to help ensure that Asian American and Pacific Islander stories are included in curricula at schools and colleges across the nation.


AAPI Multimedia Textbook: Our Approach
Understanding how AAPI communities are intimately part of our country's story helps us see how our collective histories are intertwined. Without a shared understanding of our country's past, AAPI communities will continue to face racial violence, discrimination, and xenophobia into the future. To cultivate historical empathy, we must start in the classroom, where students form the basis of their knowledge of and relationship to people, places, and themselves.

AAPI Multimedia Textbook: Long Term Outcomes

The Multimedia Textbook on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders will open access to over 200 years of history on a wide diversity of AAPI experiences. It evolves the traditional textbook format by utilizing technology that enables enhanced learning, teaching and greater reach. It will also equip educators with ethnic studies pedagogy in an inclusive learning environment and nurture the conditions for students of all backgrounds to develop respectful relationships. This supports the building of a more robust, equitable and compassionate democracy in the midst of increasing polarization.

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