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The State of Asian Pacific America: Reframing the Immigration Debate


Editors: Bill Ong Hing & Ronald Lee

LEAP Asian Pacific American Public Policy Institute and UCLA Asian American Studies Center

Table of Contents

Preface by Don T. Nakanishi and J.D. Hokoyama vii
Acknowledgements x
Reframing the Immigration Debate: An Overview by Bill Ong Hing 1
PART I: Demographics  
Recent Asian Pacific Immigrants: The Demographic Background by Robert M. Jiobu 35
The Impact of Immigration on the Demography of Asian Pacific Americans by Lany Hajime Shinagawa 59
PART II: Immigrant Entrepreneurs  
Understanding Immigrant Entrepreneurs: Theoretical and Empirical Issues by Shubha Ghosh 131
Asians Matter: Asian American Entrepreneurs in the High Technology Industry in Silicon Valley by Edward Jang-Woo Park 155
Immigrant Entrepreneurs in the High-Tech Industry by Melanie Erasmus 179
Vietnamese-Owned Manicure Businesses in Los Angeles by Craig Huynh 195
Cambodian-Owned Donut Shops by Gen L. Lee 205
PART III: Education  
The Social Contract to Educate All Children by Paul Ong and Linda C. Wing 223
Interviews of Three Asian Pacific Immigrants by Irene Chang 267
PART IV: Citizenship and Civic Participation  
Becoming Citizens, Becoming Voters: The Naturalization and Political Participation of Asian Pacific Immigrants by Paul Ong and Don T. Nakanishi 275