Republications & Permissions

Articles and materials from Center Press publications have been requested for use in hundreds of anthologies, collections, exhibitions, educational guides, monographs, textbooks, etc. Permission republication requests are reviewed by the Center and are approved on a case-by-case basis. Many of the materials from the Center's more than forty-year history, including out-of-print titles such as Roots and Counterpoint, are available for republication request.


To request use for a class reader, please see Course Use.


To request use of articles or materials from the Center Press in a publication, please contact the Center Press and provide the following information:

Information on Proposed Use of Materials


  • Requesting Publisher

  • Name & Description of the publication in which the material will be included

  • Estimated Publication Date

  • Estimated Print Run

  • Unit Price

  • Pages

  • Format, i.e. Print and/or Electronic (E-book, Online collection, Database)

  • Information on Requested Materials

  • Name and author of desired article or material

  • Name of publication it is taken from

  • Page numbers

  • Name of Author/Editor/Translator

Proper acknowledgement of title, copyright ownership by the Center, and date of original publication must be included in any reprints of work.