The Budget Statement and Information

Write a separate justification for each budget item requested and explain how the cost was calculated. Complete the Budget Page (downloadable form found below), which serves as a summary of the expenses detailed in your budget statement.


Funds can be used for the following:


a. Research Personnel: Only Faculty are permitted to hire Research Assistants. Research Assistants are preferably Graduate or Undergraduate students, whose services are used to aid the research of the principal investigator. Funds may not be used to support the student's dissertation research. Graduate students may not hire others to assist with their project or receive a stipend themselves. In your budget statement, please report the number of researchers required, including percentage of time, rate of pay, proposed length of employment, employee benefits (cost and type), and duties.

Faculty employing a Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) may be required to pay employee benefits and should call the appropriate Center for details and possible changes in benefits. Currently, a GSR is entitled to Health Insurance paid at $1,300.00 per quarter and a Fee Remission of up to $4,190/term as long as they have a GPA of 3.00, work in a GSR/TA appointment for no more than 18 quarters, and work as a GSR no less than 25% time. The student is also expected to enroll in 12 units/quarter. See the Academic Apprentice Personnel Manual for further details. Incorporate these benefits into your budget, if applicable.

b. Other Personnel: consultants, interpreters, translators, outside interviewers, etc. Please report their percentage of time, rate of pay, proposed length of employment, employee benefits, and specific duties on the budget statement.

c. Supplies & Expenses: office supplies, documentation copying, communication expenses (e.g., fax, telephone, & mail- the portion of these charges that is directly related to the research project may be requested), other research expenses. Funds for the purchase of permanent equipment will be provided only under exceptional circumstances. Such equipment must be returned to AASC upon completion of the project.

d. Travel for the purpose of gathering research: State purpose, destination, mode of transportation, and anticipated dates of each trip. Explain housing and per diem expenses. All travel is subject to the UC policy and regulations governing travel ( Note: Travel to present at or attend a conference is not eligible for funding.

e. Special Items: Those items not covered in above categories. For example, gifts for subjects can be considered; however only non-cash gifts are allowed. Applicants should see University Gift Policy, Business and Finance Bulletin G-42, as well as review the gift policy of their home departments, since award funds may be transferred to the award recipient's home department.

Funds cannot be used to fund the following:

a. Basic cost of departmental infrastructure (teaching/instruction & administration), repairs or maintenance, departmental clerical/office supplies.

b. Purchase of equipment.

c. Purchase of reprints, periodicals, books (unless unavailable in library), office furniture.

d. Publication charges to publishers; preparation of textbooks.

e. Any costs associated with tuition remissions, teaching, or instruction; membership fees.

f. Conference travel.

Downloadable Forms

Budget Page

The budget page is to be accompanied by a budget statement which should explain each budget item requested, and how the cost was calculated.