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The State of Asian America: Trajectory of Civic and Political Engagement

2008 | Volume V

Editors: Paul M. Ong

LEAP Asian Pacific American Public Policy Institute

Table of Contents

Preface by Margaret Ashida and J.D. Hokoyama vii
Acknowledgements x
Chapter 1 - Introduction - "Asian American Civic and Political Engagement"
by Paul Ong and Megan Emiko Scott
Appendix A: Concepts and Terms Related to Civic and Political Engagement 15
Appendix B: LEAP Survey of Community Stakeholders 21
Appendix C: Asian American Population Projection by Nativity 26
I. Levels of Participation  
Chapter 2 - "Political Participation and Civic Voluntarism" by Karthick Ramakrishnan 31
Chapter 3 - "Political and Civic Engagement of Immigrants" by Pei-te Lien 47
Chapter 4 - "Asian American College Students and Civic Engagement"
by Julie J. Park, Monica H. Lin, Oiyan A. Poon and Mitchell J. Chang
Chapter 5 - "Engaging Online" by Jerry Kang 99
II. Racial & Ethnic Identification  
Chapter 6 - "Asian American Panethnicity: Challenges and Possibilities" by Yen Le Espiritu 119
Chapter 7 - "The Usual Suspects: Asian Americans as Conditional Citizens"
by Claire Jean Kim
Chapter 8 - "Connecting the Dots: Understanding the Importance of Census Participation to Civic Engagement" by Terry M. Ao 165
III: Institutional Factors  
Chapter 9 - "Growth and Diversity of Asian American Nonprofit Organizations" by Chi-kan Richard Hung 181
Chapter 10 - "Civic Engagement as a Pathway to Partisanship Acquisition for Asian Americans." by Taeku Lee 207
Chapter 11 - "Organizing Asian Americans in to Labor Unions" by Marlene Kim 241
References 271
Contributors 305