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The State of Asian Pacific America: Economic Diversity, Issues & Policies


Editor: Paul Ong

LEAP Asian Pacific Public Policy Institute and UCLA Asian American Studies Center

Table of Contents

Preface: Don T. Nakanishi and J.D. Hokoyama vii
Chapter 1: Asian Pacific Americans and Public Policy by Paul Ong 1
PART I: Overviews  
Chapter 2: Historical Trends by Don Mar and Marlene Kim 13
Chapter 3: Economic Diversity by Paul Ong and Suzanne J. Hee 31
Chapter 4: Workforce Policies by Linda C. Wing 57
PART II: Case Studies  
Chapter 5: Life and Work in the Inner-City by Paul Ong and Karen Umemoto 87
Chapter 6: Welfare and Work Among Southeast Asians by Paul Ong and Evelyn Blumenberg 113
Chapter 7: Health Professionals on the Front-line by Paul Ong and Tania Azores 139
Chapter 8: Scientists and Engineers by Paul Ong and Evelyn Blumenberg 165
PART III: Policy Essays  
Chapter 9: Urban Revitalization by Dennis Arguelles, Chanchanit Hirunpidok, and Erich Nakano 193
Chapter 10: Welfare and Work Policies by Joel F. Handler and Paul Ong 215
Chapter 11: Health Care Reform by Geraldine V. Padilla and Bonnie Faherty 233
Chapter 12: High-Technology Policies by Sheridan M. Tatsuno 253
Chapter 13: Diversity Within a Common Agenda by Paul Ong and Karen Umemoto 271
References 277
Contributors 303