Professor Natalie Masuoka appointed new chair of the Asian American Studies Department

Mike Hoa NguyenCongratulations to Professor Natalie Masuoka of the Asian American Studies and Political Science Departments! She begins her three-year term as chair of the Asian American Studies department on July 1. She has published award-winning books, including The Politics of Belonging: Race, Public Opinion and Immigration (co-authored with Jane Junn) and Multiracial Identity and Racial Politics in the United States. She also recently published a report, Democratic Primary 2020: Analysis of Latino and Asian Voting in 10 States and developed the Census Engagement Project among many other contributions. The Asian American studies and ethnic studies community at UCLA is grateful to outgoing chair, Professor Victor Bascara who oversaw the recruitment of 8 new faculty, including Professors Natalie Masuoka, Jennifer Chun, Cindy Sangalang, Lee Ann Wang, Evyn Lê Espiritu Gandhi, Jolie Chea, Loubna Qutami and Karen Umemoto, along with other major accomplishments such as the "Power to the People" Conference for the Asian American Studies Center's 50th Anniversary.