Travel Reimbursement Form

Use this form to request reimbursement of travel expenses (i.e., travel expenses incurred from traveling on official business trips).


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  1. Know Before You Go:
    1. Booking flights through the UC Travel Center is highly recommended.
      1. Benefits include direct billing, discounted pricing, trip insurance, policy compliance, etc.
      2. To initiate a flight booking request, email the AASC Office Manager with the following information:
        1. Business Justification of the trip
        2. Flight Details, i.e., airline name, airport locations, flight times, flight numbers, etc.
        3. Fund Sources, e.g., fund/account number, project name, grant name, etc.
        4. If you are a current UCLA employee active in UCPath, perform the following for flight booking purposes:
        5. If you are not a current UCLA employee in UCPath, provide the following personal information in your email for flight booking purposes:
          • ✔ Legal Name (First, Middle, Last), as appeared on government photo ID
          • ✔ Date of Birth
          • ✔ Gender
          • ✔ Email Address
          • ✔ Phone Number
          • ✔ U.S. Mailing Address
          • ✔ Preferred Method of Payment – Zelle or Check
            • This is how you will receive travel reimbursement, if any, from UCLA.
            • If Zelle, must also indicate the email address or phone number linked to your Zelle account.
          • ✔ Frequent Flyer Number (if any)
    2. Book directly with vendors and avoid internet booking agencies like Expedia, Orbitz,, etc.
      1. Package deals purchased through internet booking agencies rarely provide an itemized breakdown of all expenses and applicable taxes.
      2. If an itemized breakdown of expenses cannot be provided, UCLA cannot reimburse the expenses.
    3. Always book economy/coach class for air travel.
      1. Business class and first-class airfares are not reimbursable unless you have obtained advance approval with an approved justification, such as a doctor's note.
    4. Common Carrier vs. Personal Car vs. Rental Car for University business travel:
      1. Travelers should always use the most appropriate and economical mode of transportation for business travel unless advance approval has been obtained.
        1. For example, when traveling for business from UCLA to NorCal, the traveler should travel by air, notby driving a personal car and claiming mileage unlessan exception approval has been obtained priorto travel.
      2. Mileage reimbursement is only allowed when a personal car is driven.
        1. The current mileage reimbursementrate, as of January1, 2023, is 65.5cents permile.
      3. Gas or fuel reimbursement is only allowed when a rental car is driven.
        1. Do not accept additional collision, accidental death, or medical insurance when renting a car for business travel, as these expenses are not reimbursable.
      4. For more details regarding transportation, visit Transportation Guidelines.
    5. Consult with AASC prior to traveling if your trips involve foreign or long-term (30 days or more) travel.
    6. Expenses cannot be reimbursed prior to the completion of trips or events.
    7. Expenses paid with travel credit, prepaid balance, vouchers, gift cards, and/or rewards redemption are not reimbursable.
    8. Travel expenses paid on behalf of others are not reimbursable.
    9. Tips should not exceed 20% of the transaction costs.
    10. For Continental US Travel that is less than 30 days:
      1. Maximum meal and incidental expenses(M&IE) allowed are actual up to $79 per day.
        1. When the entire length of a trip is less than 24 hours, M&IE cannot be reimbursed unless the travel includes an "overnight stay" as supported by a lodging receipt.
      2. Maximum lodging expenses allowed are actual up to $275 per night, before taxes and mandatory hotel fees.
        1. Regardless of the length of travel, the traveler must be at least 40 miles away from UCLA or home, whichever is closer, to be reimbursed for overnight lodging expenses.
    11. For Non-Continental US Travel, i.e., travel within Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. territories, consult with AASC prior to traveling for the latest M&IE and lodging rates allowed.
  2. To request reimbursement of travel expenses, download, complete, and submit the AASC Travel Reimbursement Form along with the receipts.
    1. If you are a current UCLA employee active in UCPath, add Roland Fang as your expense delegate in the UCLA Concur System for travel reimbursement processing (see Update Your Profile for instructions).
      • UCLA employees will receive their travel reimbursement via the same method they normally receive their UCLA paychecks.
    2. Travel reimbursement requests must be submitted to AASC for processing within 21 days upon the conclusion of the trips.
    3. All expenses incurred for a trip must be reported together on one travel expense report or reimbursement claim. Do not submit separate or multiple reports or claims for travel expenses incurred for the same trip.
      1. Exception: Those traveling on UC business for 30 days or more are required to report multiple and periodic expense reports.
    4. Receipts of travel expenses must be original and itemized, indicate the payment method (i.e., cash or credit card), and show proof of payment (i.e., explicitly state the amount paid).
      1. Airfare receipts must also show the traveler names and the flight details.
      2. Registration receipts for events, such as conferences, seminars, workshops, etc., must also show the event names, dates, and locations.
      3. Screenshots and edited receipts are not acceptable.
        1. Tip: You can save an email or a webpage via Print->Save as PDF.
  3. For more detailed information and guidelines regarding Travel, visit UCLA Travel Services, UCLA Travel Guidelines, UCLA Travel Resources, Reimbursement Allowances, and UC Policy G-28 Travel Regulations.

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