Non-Travel Non-Entertainment Reimbursement Request Form

Use this form to request reimbursement of non-travel and non-entertainment expenses (e.g., professional memberships, books, supplies, etc.).


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  1. To request reimbursement for purchases of goods, download, complete, and submit the AASC Non-Travel Non- Entertainment Reimbursement Request Form along with the receipts.
    1. If you are a current UCLA employee active in UCPath, add Roland Fang as your expense delegate in the UCLA Concur System for Non-T&E reimbursement processing (see Update Your Profile for instructions).
      1. UCLA employees will receive their Non-T&E reimbursement via the same method they normally receive their UCLA paychecks.
    2. Non-T&E reimbursement requests should be submitted to AASC within 21 days of purchase.
      1. Purchases made outside of the current fiscal year period (July 1 to June 30) are not reimbursable.
    3. Receipts must be original and itemized, indicate the payment method (i.e., cash or credit card), and show proof of payment (i.e., explicitly state the amount paid).
      1. Amazon receipts must be the "Final Details" page.
      2. Screenshots and edited receipts are not acceptable.
        1. Tip: You can save an email or a webpage via Print -> Save as PDF.
  2. Important Note: Non-T&E reimbursement requests are exceptions to university policies and standard procurement methods. Consequently, these reimbursements have a lengthy turnaround time, and approvals are not always guaranteed. As such, purchases should always be made directly through AASC when possible.
  3. Transactions listed below are NON-REIMBURSABLE (NO EXCEPTIONS) and MUST BE PURCHASED THROUGH AASC by submitting a purchase request:
    1. Purchases paid with store credit, prepaid balance, vouchers, gift cards, and/or rewards redemption
    2. Office furniture/refrigerator/microwave/coffee-making equipment
    3. Computing equipment and accessories, e.g., computers, laptops, tablets, iPads, AirPods, printers, etc.
    4. Software and subscriptions, e.g., Microsoft Office, Adobe apps, etc.
    5. Donations/sponsorships/honoraria/speaking fees paid on behalf of UCLA or a UCLA Department
    6. Service-oriented transactions
      1. Examples: Transcription, translation, copying, copyediting, printing, repairs, maintenance, advertisements, photography, videography, etc.
    7. Purchases over $1,000 (except conference registrations, tuition reimbursements, journal publication fees, and maintaining professional credentials)
    8. Personal expenses (cannot be purchased or reimbursed using university funds)
      1. Examples: Late fees and finance charge fees; framed certificates and prints for one's own office; personal or social memberships; cellphones & accessories on personal accounts, etc.


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