Vol. 8, No. 2: Fall, 1984 Preview

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Asian American Studies: ’84-’85

Back in the 1969, and anti-war demonstrations, civil rights struggles, and third-world student strikes, the Asian American Studies Center was born, alongside the Center for Afro-American Studies, the Chicano Studies Center and the Native American Cultural Center.


UC Davis: AAS

The UC Davis Asian American Studies Center (ASA) last month lost their suit fora temporary restraining order halting the removal by University officials of books and resources from their on campus office.


Everywomen’s Shelter

In Asian cultures since the time of Confucianism, women have been regarded as subordinate to men, the servant of the household.


Simpson/mazzoli: Down for the Count

Minority communities can breath a cautious sigh of relief at the failure of the Immigration Reform and Control Act to reach approval in this year’s Congress.


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