Vol. 8, No. 1: Spring/Summer, 1984 Preview

Here is what's inside this edition:

Sweet & Sour

On May 22nd at Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, the Pacific Asian American Youth Services Coalition (PAAYSC) had a multi-thousand dollar fundraiser.


Korean Conference

Korean Americans, particularly those of the recent post-1965 immigration, are revitalizing the Korean American community and raising questions about their identity and role within American society.


Speech by Susie Ling

Distinguished guests, parents, relatives, and friends. We are members of the Asian Pacific contingency of the graduating class of 1984.


Update: UC Pilipino Affirmative Action

Finally it seems that the struggle for Affirmative Action for Pilipino Americans has come to and end as Pilipinos are re-instated in the U.C. Affirmative Action Plan in the Early and Immediate Phases of the Affirmative Action Plan.


Who’s Who and Who Was

“When did you start working at the Studies Center?” A pause, counting on fingers, looking at old personnel file, “what was the question again?”


Breaking Silences

In a successful effort to break the stereotype of the quiet, submissive Asian Pacific women, four women discussed their struggles of confronting sexual harassment during the UCLA Asian American Studies Center community programs, “Breaking Silences” on June 9.


Association for Asian American Studies

The Association for Asian American Studies, the nation’s only professional organization dedicated to the promotion of teaching and research in Asian American Studies, is coordinating its biannual national conference.


Chinese Historical Society of Southern California

The first of its kind, an attractive, illustrated walking tour guide of Los Angeles Chinatown is announced by the Chinese Historical Society of Southern California, CHSSC.


Survival Day 84 August 5th

A reception has been planned for Little Tokyo on August 3 as a result of the news that the mayor of Hiroshima has announced official plans to send the Hiroshima Memorial’s peace flame out of Japan for the first time in history in response to a request and visit to Japan by representative of Asian Pacific Americans for Nuclear Awareness (APANA).


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