Vol. 7, No. 3: Winter, 1984 Preview

Here is what's inside this edition:

Need for Asian Women Studies

It is amazing to see the number of books, articles and short stories written on Asian women now.


Merle Woo Fights On

Our First Amendment right may have been born out of struggle, but UC Berkeley Asian American Studies lecturer Merle Woo discovered that guaranteeing these rights would be a struggle as well.


A Case of Sexual Harassment

Korean immigrant Un chong Kerr’s song of sexual harassment is a sad one.


A Case of Racism & Sexism

I am writing this letter to enlist your advice and support.


Asian/Pacific Week

UCLA Asian Coalition is planning its annual Asian/Pacific Week during the third week of the Spring Quarter.


From Bound Feet to Boundless Skies

“From Bound Feet to Boundless Skies” will be the theme of this year’s International working women’s Day Celebration at UCLA.


Women’s Voices for Peace

UCLA Asian American Studies Center and (APANA) Asian Pacific Americans for Nuclear Awareness will be celebrating in a joint International Working Women’s Day Program in the Asian/Pacific community.


Chinese Women Photo Exhibit

An exhibit of photos and artifacts about Chinese women in American from 1834-1982 will be displayed at John F. Kennedy Library, Cal State Los Angeles.

Linking Our Lives

A book on Chinese Americans, written by UCLA’s Asian American Studies Center, and sponsored by the Chinese Historical Society of Southern California, will be titled (tentatively), Linking Our lives: History of Chinese American Women in Southern California.


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