Vol. 7, No. 1: Summer, 1983 Preview

Here is what's inside this edition:

Editorial-racism scapegoat Murder Vincent Chin Justice?

The Vincent Chin case has become one of the leading issues confronting Asian in the U.S. Vincent Chin was murdered because he was mistaken for a Japanese, in Detroit, a city where the decline of the auto industry is blamed on Japanese imports.


Free at last

After ten years behind bars in the California penal system, and after six years of a moment organized around the plight of a falsely imprisoned Korean immigrant, the case of Chol soo Lee has reached its goal: freedom.


Asian Graduation

On Saturday, June 18, Kerckhoff Patio came alive with the sound of koto, jazz and the voices of Asian/Pacific students.


AFSCME: Victory?

Early this summer, employees of the University of California took a major step forward when they overwhelmingly voted for union representation.


Lucie Cheng on : Affirmative Action

With the discussion and decision by the System wide University of California Administration to remove Pilipino students from the affirmative action category, the Asian American Studies Center became concerned about affirmative action and Asian Americans at UCLA.


Asian Women United Journal

Asian Women United (AWU*) is a New York, based women’s organization committed to the development of Asian sisterhood.


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