Vol. 6, No. 4: Spring, 1983 Preview

Here is what's inside this edition:

Editorial – Pilipino Affirmative Action

The struggle to defend ethnic minorities and disadvantaged peoples’ right to equal educational opportunities continues as the University of California administration once again demonstrate their lack of understanding and sensitivity toward ethnic minority needs.


Hankook American Seminar

What can an educational institution such as UCLA provide for the Korean community?


Tribute to Asian Pacific Pioneers

Members of CAPSA met to discuss what we were going to do for the coming year’s Asian week.



On March 8, 1857, garment – textile workers in New York staged a demonstration protesting poor working conditions, low wages and a 12 hours working day.


Chol Soo Lee Update

Th ten year struggle for justice and freedom for Chol soo Lee is entering its final and most critical stage.


Vincent Chin: A victim of Racism

On June 19, 1982, Vincent Chin, a Chinese engineer in Detroit, Michigan, was murdered by two assailants wielding a baseball bat.


AFSCME: Collective Bargaining

In late May and early June of this year approximately 45,000 University of California employees will determine whether collective bargaining will become a reality on our campuses.


Oppose the Tuition Hikes

On April 12th, 400 students from UCLA, Cal State LA, USC, LACC, East LA College, and many other college campuses throughout the greater Los Angeles area converged on the steps of City hall to protest fee and tuition hikes.


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