Vol. 5, No. 2: Fall, 1982 Preview

Here is what's inside this edition:

Editorial – Redress/Reparations

The hearings began in Washington D. C. with an estimated 250 people participating each day to hear organizational representatives and government officials testify on the wartime incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II.


Asian America Studies Center, 1981 – 82

The UCLA Asian American Studies Center announces its plans for the 1981-82 academic year.


“Kasayahan” (Celebration) of Pilipino culture

Fall quarter at UCLA will be a celebration of Pilipino cultural heritage.


Asian Coalition in the New year

Asian coalition, the UCLA umbrella organization of Asian student groups, looks forward to yet another strong academic year.


UCLA Call for Papers: Koreans in America

Korean Americans constitute one of the fastest growing and most significant Asian groups in the nation.


Student-Voting on Center Policy

Earlier this summer, students and some staff members got together to look into the possibility of implementing greater student input into the decision-making process of the Asian American Studies Center.


Chinese and Pilipinos rank First and Second

The Bureau of the Census has just released information indicating that the Asian and Pacific Islander population in 1980 numbered more than 3.5 million, showing a considerable increase over the 1970 figure of 1.5 million.


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