Vol. 4, No. 1: Fall, 1980 Preview

Here is what's inside this edition:

Center Plans for 1980 – 81

The UCLA Asian American Studies Center announces its projects and activities for the 1980-81 academic year.


Center Welcomes New MA Students

For the first time since the Asian American Studies MA program began in 1977, a full complement of six graduate students will be enrolling this fall.


Asian Immigration Conference

“Asian Immigration to the United state: Historical and Contemporary Issues” is the unifying theme for a major, state wide conference on Asian immigration issues, which is being sponsored by the Asian American Public Policy Program (AAPPP) and the California council for the Humanities in Public Policy.


Community Directory to be Printed

A comprehensive directory of Los Angeles organizations.


Tongan community Conference

A Los Angeles based organization, the Tongan Community System is coordinating the “Tongan American Unity conference” at the Free Wesleyan Church of tonga in Inglewood on October 11-11, 1980.


Women’s Health Care Project

The Health Care Alternatives of Asian American Women research project attempts to explore the causes of notable under utilization of health care facilities by Asian Americans.


National Women’s Conference

Never had the nation’s capital seen such a wide variety of Asian and Pacific American women assembled together to dispel antiquated ideas about themselves as being meek and mild.


“Asian Women in America”

The Asian American Studies Center will be offering the class “Asian Women in America” (AAS 197, 16567) during Fall quarter, 1980.


Statewide AAS Educators’ Meeting Held

Last spring, a group of Asian American Studies program directors and educators met in a major statewide gathering to discuss the potential impact of Proposition 9 (the so-called “Jarvis II” ballot measure) on Asian American students, families, and communities in California.


Speakers Bureau

The Asian American Studies Center has an ongoing Speakers Bureau responding to requests on a wide range of topics related to Asian American Studies.


Vietnamese Refugee Project

Although only in its first year of action, the Refugee Aid Committee of Vietnamese Students Association has been doing good work.


Asian Fall Orientation

On Wednesday, October 15, the Asian Coalition will sponsor the annual Asian Fall Orientation and Dance, classically an opportunity for students to make friends and learn about the various Asian organizations at UCLA.


APSU Conference

The Asian/Pacific Student Union (APSU) will be holdings its fourth annual West Coast conference at San Francisco State University.


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