Vol. 3, No. 4: Spring, 1980 Preview

Here is what's inside this edition:

Asian/pacific Celebrations: An Insight into Our Growing communities

On April 12th, 14th through 18th, the committee for Asian Week will proudly present “Asian/Pacific Celebrations: An Insight into Our Growing Communities”, a week and a half long series of programs on Asian and Pacific Island peoples in America.


New Amerasia Journal

The literature and language of Asian America is the focus of the spring 1980 issue of Amerasia journal, available now from UCLA’s Asian American Studies Center.


Asian/pacific Women Writers “Caught in the Act of Living”

In Little Toko the oil-and-shoyo scented air drifted slowly into Amerasia Bookstore, heightening the senses of the hundred or so artists, writers, and community people packed onto the fatami, the metal chairs, and against the walls.


An Evening of Asian Am. Writers

For those who missed this performance of Pacific Asian American Women Writers – West, Caught in the Act of Living will be presented during “An Evening of Asian American Writers” on Tuesday, April 15, 1980, from 7:00 – 10:00 pm at the UCLA Sunset Canyon Recreation Center, Buenos Ayres room (turn off Bellagio Drive and sunset Blvd.)


Programs on South Asia

Shruti would like to announce an upcoming event — “Focus on contemporary south Asia”. Immediately following the Asian?Pacific Week Celebrations at UCLA, we are presenting a four-day series of talks, discussions and films on the political, economic, social and cultural realities of present day South Asia.


Newly AASA – Affiliated Student Groups (CAPSA)

It has been said that Asian/Pacific students have at times been a non-vocal segment of the UCLA student population.


New women’s Group

If you are an Asian/Pacific woman on the UCLA campus searching for an alternative women’s group, consider the Asian/Pacific Women’s Caucus.


What’s AASGSA?

The Asian American Studies Graduate Students Association was formed in February, 1978.


New Public Policy Program

The Asian American Public Policy Program at the Center was founded in Fall 1979 to conduct research and disseminate information on major policy issues facing Asian American communities.


Contemporary Issues Presented

From January 29 to March 11, the Asian American Studies Center, in conjunction with its introductory Asian American Studies 100B class, held a series of forums and presentations on contemporary issues concerning the Asian American community.


700+ Attend Women’s Conference

Between February 29 and March 2, 1980, an historic event took place: over seven hundred Asian/Pacific women from all over California came together to discuss issues relating to Asian/Pacific women, learn skills to effect change, and to formulate plans of action to address relevant issues.


Japanese American Endowed Chair

Americans of Japanese Ancestry, a group of alumni and friends of UCLA, have been raising funds to create an Endowed Chair in Japanese American Studies, the first of its kind.


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