Vol. 3, No. 2: November, 1979 Preview

Here is what's inside this edition:

Writers’ conference – November 15th

Visions of California: Asian American Writer 1929-1979. Asian American Studies Center in conjunction with the Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines is sponsoring a writers’ conference on Asian American Writers’ in California.


New Amerasia Journal

Look for the Winter issue of Amerasia Journal (Volume 6, Number 2) coming out around December 1st.


Hirata and Mei in China

Asian American Studies Director Dr. Lucie Cheng Hirata and Oral History Project director Dr. June Mei are still in Guangdong (People’s Republic of China), researching Chinese imigration to America.


Course on Asian Women Offered in Gardena

An 8-week (once-a-week) community class entitled “Asian Women in America” will be held in Gardena early next year. The course will be taught by Dr. Judith Chu, an instructor with the Asian American Studies Program at Cal State, Long Beach.


Japanese american Endowed Chair Dinner

The UCLA Alumni of Japanese Ancestry (AJA) is holding a dinner at the Biltmore bowl, Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles at 7pm. – commencing the campaign to raise the $250,000 to endow at UCLA professor’s chair in Japanese American Studies.


Colloquium on Chinese Immigration

The UCLA Asian American Studies Center is sponsoring a coiloquium on Chinese immigration to be held at 2 pm, Frida, November 9th in 3232 Campbell Hall.


The Center Welcomes M.A. Students and New Staff

The Studies Center sponsors a Master of Arts Program in Asian American Studies.


Law, Urban Planning Programs for Asian Women

A panel discussion on “Asian Women in Urban Planning” is scheduled for Wednesday, November 14th in the small conference room of the North Campus Student Center.


Review of Ethnic Studies Centers

The four Ethnic Studies Centers at UCLA are The Ethnic Studies Review Committee has arranged to have meeting with students, staff, and Directors of the Studies Centers.


Pilot Ethnic Awareness Project for Elementary School Students

On November 13th, the Asian American Studies Center will begin a pilot program teaching ethnic awareness to elementary school children in the Los Angeles area.


Student Groups’ Office Hours

The Asian American Studies Center works with several Asian student groups on the UCLA campus.