Vol. 3, No. 1: Fall October, 1979 Preview

Here is what's inside this edition:

Center Announces Plans for 1979-80

The UCLA Asian American studies Center announces its projects and activities for the 1979-80 academic year, the UC decides on the projects it will undertake.



Approximately sixteen courses will be offered as a part of the Asian American Studies Program for the 1979-80 academic year.


Resource of Development and Publication

Both of the semi-annual Amerasia Journal and the establishment of three major projects during the 1978-79 year reflect and increasingly sophisticated and focus approach to resource and publication development.


Amerasia Journal

Over the past year articles in the Amerasia Journal reflect both academic research concern as well as communityproblems and policy issues such as education and service needs of Asian Americans.


Reading Room

The Reading, Room, located in 2230 Campbell hall, houses an extensive collection of written materials on Asian and Pacific Americans.


Asian Fall Orientation

The Asian Coalition of UCLA is planning its annual Fall Orientation to be held on Thursday, October 4 at sunset Canyon recreation Center, 7:00 pm. The Orientation program will include presentations by the various student groups which make up the Coalition, including cultural performances by the Korean Student Association and Samahang Pilipino.


Toshio Mori Stories Just Released

The Chauvinist and other stories, a major collection of short stories by the pioneer Japanese American writer, Toshio Mori, has just been published by the Asian American Studies Center at UCLA.


“Visions of California” Writer’s Conference

In the far West, the role of Asian Americans in the literary life of the California is without parallel.


Asian American Center

Eight Asian Student organizations have joined efforts to work towards establishing an Asian American Resource Center at Cal State University, Los Angeles.


“People Need People” 10K run

The Asian American Drug Abuse Program, Inc (AADAP) is sponsoring a 10 kilometer run with the theme of “PEOPLE NEED PEOPLE.”