Vol. 18, No. 1: Spring/Summer, 1995 Preview

Here is what's inside this edition:

Center Planning Series of Activities for 25th Anniversary

Students, alumni, staff, and faculty of the UCLA Asian American Studies Center are planning a year-long array of campus and community activities to mark the 25th anniversary of Asian American Studies on campus.


Yuri Kochiyama Stresses Need for Black-Asian Solidarity

“Black/Asian Interactions through History” was the title fo a talk by New York activist Yuri Kochiyama at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles on February 26, 1995.


Students Begin to Sign Up for New Major in Asian American Studies

When graduating senior Robb Paulsen dropped by our Center’s main office early Fall Quarter 1994 to declare his major in Asian American Studies, he did not know he was making history.


The UCLA-Yale Connection: 25 Years Old

The Asian American Studies Center has enjoyed a number of mutually beneficial relationship with other campus and community groups during its 25th year history, particularly those in California and the West.


Work of Profs. Sue and Takeuchi Hailed in Landmark U.S. Marines Discrimination Case

Captain Bruce Yamasita, who waged a five-year battle against the Navy to win his officer’s commission in the U.S. Marine Reserves, credited the success of his discrimination complaint to a pair of UCLA psychologists.


Hoshide Family donates Major gift to Center

Tosh an Doris Hoshide of Rockville, Maryland recently donated over $100,000 in cash and property to establish scholarships for Japanese American undergraduate and graduate students at UCLA.


UCLA Library Acquires Akira Fujita Papers

On behalf of the UCLA Asian American Studies Center, Professor Yuji Ichioka gratefully acknowledged receipt of the personal papers of Kaira Fujita,the preeminent Kibei-Nisei writer.


New Graduate Students Bring backgrounds in Community Service, Activism, and Scholarship to Our Center’s M.A. Program

Reflecting the diverse ethnic and geographical roots of today’s Asian Pacific American population, the first-year class in our Masters Degree program i Asian American Studies represents a new generation of community and diasporic scholars.


Bridging The Generation – Recognizing Our True Heroes and Heroines

It’s been a year since Pilipino immigrant labor leader Philip Vera Cruz passed away at 89 in Bakersfield, California.


Gap – “I Didn’t Know the Life of My Father”

I grew up very poor. through I lived in a fairly good neighborhood in Orange County, my family’s income was always a sensitive issue.


Students Bring Asian American

Ten years ago, I came to America from Korea. I am now a UCLA student, but my road to UCLA was not easy. I had to learn English as a second language.


Studies to the Community

At a glance, Nelson Canales, a former housekeeper at the New Otani hotel in Little Tokyo, is a kind, thought-provoking individual who does a great deal more listening than he does speaking.


Student Assistants Bring Initiative, Energy, and Leadership to Center Programs

Vivan Tseng (left) and Shingly Lee (right) – two UCLA student leaders – are serving as assistants for Center project this year.


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