Vol. 17, No. 1: Spring/Summer, 1994 Preview

Here is what's inside this edition:

Strategizing Cultures

The Rockefeller foundation and the UCLA Asian American Studies Center will bring together scholars, writers, and artists for “Strategizing Culture: An Asian American Dialogue on the Humanities and Arts” at UCLA April 29 and 30


Why Asian Pacific Students Are Impatient and Demanding

People say that students are impatient. That we desire change. That we desire progressive change. And that we want it now.


Mike Woo Teaching UCLA Class on Asian American Politics

While Murphy Hall, Campbell hall and Kerckhoff hall certainly don’t add up to city hall, they will have to suffice for former mayoral candidate Mike woo this spring quarter.


UCLA Student Demand Justice for Asian Immigrant Garment Workers: Picket Beverly Hills Boutique

“Jessie, Jessie, you’re no good – Pay the workers like you should!” This chant has rocked the street of Beverly Hills during the past few months, as UCLA Asian Pacific students have held demonstrations outside the Jessica McClinktock boutique on Rodeo Drive.


“The world Doesn’t Change for Anyone. We change the world.”

A rally, no matter how successful it is, can produce many ulcerous moments. In fact, the more people you are reaching, the more likely you will encounter people who are resistant to your ideas, people whose words can turn your stomach into boy-scout-proof knots.


Reflections on Face: An Asian American Women’s Magazine

Cosmo, glamour, Elle. I was about to walk away from the magazine stand when I noticed a glamorous Asian woman staring out at me from a magazine cover.


First-Year Graduate Students Bring Diverse Experiences to Our Center

This year’s class of first-year students in our Center’s M.A. program comes literally from all over the world: from Camobodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and the Philippines to New York, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota, to Orange county and Pasadena.


Researchers and Community Leaders Study Medical Treatments in Asian and Pacific Islander Population

The UCLA/MEDTEP Outcomes Research Center for Asians and Pacific Islanders was established under a grant from the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research in August 1992.


Dr. Pauline Yu Named Dean of Humanities

Dr. Pauline Yu, a renowned scholar of Chinese poetry, has been named Dean of Humanities at UCLA, becoming the highest ranking Asian American woman in the administration.


Center’s Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Dorrine Kondo Researching Asian American theater and Fashion

Joining the Asian American Studies Center Research staff for 1993-1994 is visiting scholar Dr. Dorrine kondo. She is a recipient of the Institute of American Cultures (IAC) Postdoctoral Fellowship for Asian American Studies.


Akira Togawa papers donated to UCLA Library

The Akira Togawa Papers Reception was held at UCLA on January 16, 1994, at the Department of Special Collections, University Research Library.


Friends of Reading Room Formed

The Asian American Studies Center announces the formation of an organization devoted to the support and enhancement of its library: the Friends of the Reading Room.


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