Vol. 16, No. 2: Fall/Winter, 1993 Preview

Here is what's inside this edition:

Race Relations in L.A.: Attitudes Toward Asian Americans

Although most Southern California residents view Asian Americans favorably, a new poll on interethnic relations released by Los Angeles Times indicates ambivalent feelings and persistent stereotypes.


Why I Got Arrested for Chicana/o Studies

Standing with their fists aimed at the sky and shouting out words of encouragement, a huge crowd of supporters greeted us as we stepped out of the UCLA Faculty Center on May 11, 1993.


Will UCLA Respond to the Needs of a Changing L.A.?

Demonstrating students, hunger strikes and arrests all make good press. But events at UCLA and UC Irvine last spring were not fueled by a few militant minorities letting off steam.


Images of Asian Aemricans Change Slowly – If at All

Asa Japanese – American growing up on the Eastside of Los Angeles, Don Nakanishi dreaded going to school on December 7.


We Are All Ingredients in a New American Melting Pot

They say this country is a melting pot. Have you ever tasted the dish? I have. I found it in my parents’ little donut shop in Pasadena, California.


A Time for healing in Los Angeles

More than a year has passed since the Los Angeles civil unrest. The scars on the city remain. Yet, there are those who can reflect back on the unheaval and regard themselves as among the few fortunate people. My parents are among those individuals.


Asian American History Mural Unveiled at UCLA

With the help of fellow students this summer, second-year graduate student Darryl Mar completed a stunning mural on Asian American history.


Students Applaud Efforts to Create South and Southeast Asian Studies Minor

It’s a long-awaited triumph in the making – Asian Pacific languages and Cultures Committee will develop a minor or specialization in south and southeast Asian Studies (classes relating to Pilipino, Thai, Indian, and Vietnamese cultures) hopefully in the next year.


Asian American Dialogue on Humanities & the Arts at UCLA in April 1994

The Rockefeller foundation Humanities Division has provided a major grant to our Center to sponsor a humanities and ars symposium on Asian Americans at UCLA on April 29-31, 1994.


Aumni Hold Event for japanese American Remembrance Fund

“The Grand Reunion” was the title of an alumni event held October 2 in Ackerman Grand Ballroom to benefit the UCLA Japanese Aemrican Remembrance Fund.


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