Vol. 15, No. 2: Spring/Summer, 1992 Preview

Here is what's inside this edition:

“Tomorrow Making”

Over the past twenty years, Asians in increasing numbers have participated in U.S. electoral politics. And with our growing numbers, it has now become possible for Asian in Los Angeles Country to influence elections through minority bloc voting.


“what happened to accessible education for all?”

I would like to share with you today how a reg fee increase affects me as an Asian American. I come from a one-parent household.


Record Numbers Attend Educational Events For 50th anniversary of Japanese American Wartime Internment

“We have had a phenomenal response to all of our 50th activities,” said Gann Matsuda, who is coordinating the 50th anniversary activities at the Center.


Understanding the Impact of Again on Our Lives

Why do some people age well and some poorly? What are the causes of alcohol abuse among the elderly? The answers are found in the numerous research studies on elderly people done by Professor James E. Lubben, Associate Professor of Social Welfare.


Studying Health Risks Across Cultures

“I wore a tie just for you!” exclaimed Professor Snehendu B. Kar.


Korean American women-“Caught between the Sheets”

“Caught between teh Sheets”-a live multimedia microscosm of the Korean American women’s cultural experience and expression


Understanding Intergenerational Conflict

Professor Ailee Moon of the School of social Welfare at UCLA is currently conducting a study on inter-generational relations among Korean Americans in Los Angeles under the Rockefeller fellows programs.


Monterey Park – A “Pacific Rim” City?

The influx of Asian immigrants, primarily Chinese, into Monterey park has an incredible impact on the city’s economy and demographics, according to UCLA Sociology Professor John Horton.


Nine First-year Students Bring New Research Interests to Our Center

Nine first-year students in our Asian American Studies graduate program bring research interests in history, inter-ethnic relations, women’s studies, and film and television to our Center.


Haitian Boat People Need Our Support

Asian American historians frequently cite the “push-pull” factor as the fore behind Asian immigration to the United States.


Center Sponsors Pangarap Filipino American Writers’ Forums and New Literary Newsletter

Pagarap is a Tagalog term meaning “idealism,” or “dream-making.” Pangarap is also the title of a series of literary forums sponsored by the Asian American Studies Center.


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