Vol. 15, No. 1: Spring, 1992 Preview

Here is what's inside this edition:

Learning from Our Past

The Asian American Studies Center invites you to participate in its series of programs in recognition of the 50th-year anniversary of the wartime internment of 120,000 Japanese Americans-175 of whom were UCLA students.


Promoting Tolerance and Understanding

UCLA is proud to organize these educational programs comemorating the World War II internment of Japanese Americans.


Major Activities Planned at UCLA to Observe 50th Anniversary of Wartime Internment

On February 19, 1942, ten weeks after the Pearl Harbor attack, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066.


Anti-Arab Racism Parallels Events of Fifty years Ago

The internment of Japanese American is regarded as the civil rights tragedy of the 1940s. today, a case involving Arab americans is becoming the civil rights challenge for the 1990s.


Mari Matsuda on Hate Crimes

Ethnic stereotypes. Racial slurs. burning crosses. Physical violence. Te good news: these injustices are being identified as hate crimes. The bad news: they’re growing. Everywhere.


Histororic Photo Exhibits at Wight Gallery February 15 through March 1

The Wight Art Gallery will feature two views of the japanese can internment: “Executive Order 9066” and “Manzanar: A Selection of Photographs by Ansel Adams.” The exhibits will be open from February 15 to March 1.


Exhibit of Artwork from Wartime Internment Camps to Open in Fall 1992

Karin Higa has been making a lot of decisions lately.


Remembering the Past

U.S.-Japan relations and its effect on Japanese Americans was the ongoing theme of “Back to UCLA With pride,” held November 24, 1991, at hte James West Alumni Center.


Looking toward the Future

For the media, and much of America, it is the bombing of Pearl Harbor.


1492-1992: The Quincentennial What Meaning Does It Have for Asian Pacific Americans?

Five hundred years ago I was not alive. I did not witness Columbus “sailing the ocean blue in 1492.”


Visiting Scholars Expand Center’s Research Horizons

The Asian American Studies Center is currently hosting more than a dozen visiting scholars through its Rockefeller Foundation Fellows “American generations Program,” and the Institute of American cultures (IAC) Post Doctoral Fellowships for Asian American Studies.


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