Vol. 13, No. 1: Summer/Fall, 1989 Preview

Here is what's inside this edition:

“Diversity” Must Go!

I’m getting tired of the word “diversity.” Skepticism first arose when the UCLA administration held a conference at Lake Arrowhead in the name of “diversity” at the same time Professor Don Nakanishi began his extended battle for tenure in the Graduate School of Education.


Asians in California in the year 2000

The following are highlights from the Project on Californian Asians in the year 2000. The research has been partially funded by the Public Policy Project of the Asian American Studies Center at UCLA.


Asian American Studies Center Offers Rockefeller Humanities Fellowships for 1990 – 1993

The twenty-first century urbanism of Los Angeles, characterized by its “lava” of molten cultures- Asian, Black, Latino, White – can also be understood by studying the generation experiences of Asian Pacific Americans.


UCLA’s Amerasia Journal Examines Legacies from Movements of the 1960s

The UCLA Asian American Studies Center just published a special, double-sized issue of Amerasia Journal commemorating the Asian American movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s.


History of the Okinawans in North America

The UCLA Asian American Studies Center and the Okinawan Club of North America announce their joint publication, the History of the Okinawans in North America.


Taking the Lead

In developing leadership, just as in life, there is no better teacher than experience. The qualities of leadership, are not innate, but learned, and leaders are not born, they are developed, trained and nurtured, and encouraged.


Building Common Ground

On May 19-21 at Camp Valcrest, the AASC’s Student/Community Projects and the Asian Pacific Coalition held a summer Leadership Retreat which increased the awareness of ethnic diversity and common ground among the 19-group member Asian Pacific Coalition.


Speaking for the Majority: A Clear Call by Asian Pacifics in Student Government

“there’s a stereotype that all we do is bury our heads in the books,” said newly elected General Representative Dennis Argueless. “But seeing that Asian Pacific students were active in the elections and won 5 out of 13 seats, it’s clear we’re serious about a lot more.


UCLA Joins Call to Spring Action ’89

Over 7000 students, parents and educators marched to Sacramento to demand their rights to quality eduction, on March 10, 1989.


“The Cutting Eduge” Redefining Affirmative Action A Case of Study On Pilipinos

There is a growing disparity between the original intent of affirmative action and the result of current policies.


Nakanishi Finally Wins Tenure!!!

The Daily Bruin headline of May 26, 1989 said it all: “Nakanishi Wins Tenure After 3-year Battle.” the front-page story related chancellor young’s decision to grant Don Nakanishi a permanent faculty appointment in the Graduate School of Education – finally.


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