Vol. 11, No. 1: Fall/Winter, 1987 Preview

Here is what's inside this edition:

Win With Warren

Warren Furutani who has been coordinator of the Student Community Projects unit of the Asian American Studies Center for the past four and a half years is taking a leave of absence for three months.


New Faces

The latest two staff people to come on board at the Center both were born in other countries and immigrated here with their families when older than ten.


S/CP Then…And Now

I have been working at the Student/Community Project (S/CP) unit of the Asian American Studies for over four years.


Principles of Unity

It should now be news to anyone that the Academic Advancement Program (AAP), UCLA’s primary undergraduate affirmative action program, is embroiled in controversy.


Koo’s Corner

There have been recent findings from a study on Asian American college students that will have profound impact on Asian American communities.


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