40th Anniversary Edition: Spring 2010 Preview

Here is what’s inside this edition:

David K. Yoo is Appointed Director and Professor of the Asian American Studies Center

Chancellor Block Proclaims "Year of Ethnic Studies at UCLA"

Center Celebrates 40th Anniversary and Pays Tribute to Retiring Director Don T. Nakanishi

The State of Chinese America: A Community Forum

New Graduate Coalition Forms Focusing on Pacific Islanders

Asian American Studies Center Affiliated Faculty News

C. Doris and Toshio Hoshide Distinguished Teaching Prize

Center Remembers Former Founder and Editor of Amerasia Journal, M. Dick Osumi

Prof. Min Zhou Appointed to Walter and Shirley Wang Endowed Chair

Charter High School Named for Prof. William Ouchi

Center Pays Tribute to Former Director, Lucie Cheng

Center Counts Students and Communities for 2010 Census

UCLA Releases First High School Textbook on Asian Americans

Breaking Gound Exhibit Displays Center’s History

PacTies Editors Share Legacy of Student Media

Refugee Nation with Laotian Student Group

Asian Pacific Coalition Raises Scholarship Funds for Undocumented Asian American Students

MA Students Graduate and Welcome New Students

Center Welcomes Appointment and New Staff

Discover Nikkei Internship Connects Student to Community

UCLA Faces an Unprecedented Level of Budget Cuts

AASC Fellowships, Prizes, Scholarships, Internships and Grants Awards for 2008-2009

Nexus and Amerasia Journal Release New Issues

Center Supports New Research through IAC

Buildin' Bridges and Stirrin' Waters at Powell Library

Dr. Thomas Tam Endowed Chair 2010-2011

Students Screen Diverse Films

Student Conference Explores 40 Years of Asian American Studies

Upcoming 40th Anniversary Events