40th Anniversary Edition: 2009 Preview

Here is what’s inside this edition:

UCLA Establishes Endowed Chair and Program on U.S.-China Relations and Chinese American Studies

EthnoCommunications: Student Pacific Film Festival

PILGRIMAGE Film Featured

Domestic Violence and Abuse in Asian American Communities

Beyond the Myths

Asian American and Pacific Islander Community Directory

Faculty Promotions and Research

Three New Professors join Asian American Studies Center Faculty Advisory Committee

Asian American, Latino, and African American Health Disparities

Asian Americans on the Margins

Equal Employment and Nondiscrimination

Amerasia and Nexus
Flagship Asian American Journals with 50,000+ Pages on the Web

Presenting Balanced Media Views on America and China

Children of the Atomic Bomb: UCLA Physician James N. Yamazaki

Miracle in Rwanda

David Nishida and Dr. Tina Yamano Nishida Establish Distinguished Scholars Endowment

Prof. Gilbert Gee Conducts National Study on Racial Discrimination and Mental Health

Melany Dela Cruz-Viesca Appointed to Los Angeles Human Relations Commission

Welcome New Staff Members—Ann Chau, Tin Nguyen, & Barry Korerat

Center Director Don Nakanishi Receives Yale Medal

AASC Fellowships, Prizes, Scholarships, Internships and Grants Awards for 2008-2009