The Other Indians: A Political and Cultural History of South Asians in America (2008)

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Author: Vinay Lai

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ISBN-13: 978-0-934052-41-2

Product Details: 160 pages, 7.6 x 4.8 x 0.4 inches

Categories: Asian American Studies; Diaspora Studies; Education; History; Immigration and Migration; Indians; Labor, Business & Economy; Law and Politics; Religion; South Asians


This 160-page volume is based upon Professor Lal's path-breaking scholarship and research on Indian history, comparative colonial histories, and the contemporary politics of knowledge and culture. The Other Indians synthesizes, in pocketbook form, his ideas around the emergence of the Indian community in the U.S. with a focus on post-1965 communities. The thirteen chapters cover the following topics: Indians in the global setting and their passage to America; early students and rebels; the emergence of new South Asian communities; culture, religion, education, and affluence; and the politics and future of Indians in the U.S and in the Indian diaspora.
The Other Indians is the first pocket-sized political and culture history of South Asian Indians in America and designed for the general public as well as classroom usage. Photographs and a handy reading resource are included.
This is also the first volume of the Press's "Asia Pacific Ideas Professor-in-a-Pocket" series.


Series Description

The Asian Pacific Ideas Professor-in-a-Pocket Series features the innovative thinking and research of individual faculty of the UCLA Asian American Studies Center. The Center's professors represent more than twenty academic disciplines and fields of study and include many of the leading scholars in the fields of history, literature, public policy, political science, sociology, education, anthropology, women s studies, law, health sciences, film, cultural studies, and Asian American Studies. Each volume of the series is written for the general reader and introduces new ideas around the history and current experience of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders today.



This book is about the other Indians - the Indians other than those who once vastly populated the Americas, experiencing a calamitous in their numbers after their encounter with representatives of the enlightened West. The indigenous inhabitants of the Americas have, when viewed as a collectivity, been known by a plethora of names, among them Amerindians, American Indians, native Americans, and most simply as Indians By whatever name these Indians are know, they seemingly do not have much of a shared history with the Indians, the subject of this book, who arrived in the Americas from Asia or the Indian subcontinent. And yet, their histories are inextricably intertwined, for much more than the obvious reason that, at least in the United States, American Indians, and South Asian Indians have sometimes been confused for each other.


Table of Contents

Introduction: The Politics Of Identity And A Note On Usage
I. Indians in the Global Setting
II. Passage to India: The Circulation of the Orient in America
III. Voyage From India: Slaves and Seamen, Workers and Peasants
IV. The Diaspora within the Diaspora
V. “Tawnies” Amidst Whites (after Benjamin Franklin)
VI. Exile in the New Canaan
VII. Emergence of a Diasporic Community
VIII. The Religious Life Of Indian Communities
IX. Indian “Culture” in the Diaspora
X. The Politics of Affluence and the Anxiety Of Influence
XI. The Landscapes of Representation in Internet Modernity
XII. Politics and the Future of Indians in the U.S.
XIII. The Diaspora at Home: Returnees, Retirees, & Resident Non-Indians
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