Asian American and Pacific Islander Community Directory for Los Angeles and Orange Counties Tenth Edition

Published by UCLA Asian American Studies Center Press

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The Asian American and Pacific Islander communities are diverse and complex. The 2000 Census recognizes 30 major Asian American ethnic groups which includes recent Southeast Asian refugees, fourth-generation Japanese, Yonse, and indigenous Pacific Islanders. By the year 2020, the AAPI population in the United States is projected to grow to 20 million. Unfortunately, mainstream media and policy makers have failed to look beyond the monolithic model minority racial stereotype.


The Asian American and Pacific Islander Community Directory is a response to this misconception by increasing representation of AAPI voices. It is a tool for community-based organizations to network and collaborate with other organizations, provide information, and refer their clients. Secondly, the Directory is useful to researchers, instructors, and students to establish internships, research pertinent issues, and develop curriculum. The Directory also encourages and facilitates outreach to AAPI communities.



The Directory was initiated and developed by the Student and Community Projects (SCP) unit to foster a stronger campus-community working relationship and to strengthen community-based research. Since the first publication in 1980, the Directory substantially changed to reflect the growth in the amount of organizations serving AAPIs in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, as well as incorporating suggestions from the community. The latest edition expanded the geographic boundaries to include Orange County and included a growing list of organizations serving underrepresented groups based on ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation.



The Directory includes:

* non-profit organizations (501(c)(3) status) which provide cultural, educational and/or social services with a specific focus on AAPIs.
* organizations involved in social or political advocacy around issues directly related to AAPIs.
* a geographic range of Los Angeles and Orange Counties.
* religious groups only if they offer general community or social services.
* multicultural and non-AAPI specific organizations with a significant commitment to AAPI communities.
* local branches of some national or regional organizations.



The Directory is divided into four sections:


1. University academic programs and student centers
2. Media
3. Community and social service organizations in Los Angeles
4. Community and social service organizations in Orange County


The Index provides access to the organizational listing by ethnicity of the organization's targeted constituencies and service area. Several underrepresented ethnic groups include Chamoru/Guamanian, Hawaiian, Samoan and Tongan, under the Pacific Islander category; Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani and Sri Lankan under South Asian; Cambodian, Hmong, Indonesian, Laotian, Thai and Vietnamese under Southeast Asian; and Tibetan.


Organizations may be listed under more than one category, depending on its mission and function.



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