Global Identities, Local Voices: Amerasia Journal at 40 Years (Volume 2) (2013)
Global Identitiies Chinese

Press: Asian Culture Publishers, Taipei


Editors: Russell C. Leong, Don T. Nakanishi, Shan Te-hsing


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ISBN-13: 978-986-6274-95-4


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398 pages; 6 x 8.25 x 0.75 in; with photos


Language: Chinese


Categories: Asian American, Asian American Studies; China; Ethnic Studies; Gender & Sexuality; Global/Transnational Connections; History; Immigration and Migration; Literature; Translation; U.S.-Asia Relations

Collaborative Publication of UCLA Asian American Studies Center and the Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica



Global Identities; Local Voices: Amerasia Journal at 40 Years is a two-volume book project that introduces almost half-a-century of work from Asian American scholars, writers, and researchers in Chinese translation to the Chinese-reading world. Through the power of translation, the pages of Amerasia Journal are now “freed” from the confines of the English language and can reach new audiences of scholars, students, and readers in Taiwan, in mainland China, and in the greater Chinese world on both sides of the Pacific.


This volume provides an ever-expansive view of Asians in the Americas - featuring works that cross borders and boundaries, comparatively examine issues across race and ethnicity, and cover ethnic enclaves. The scholars and literary writers featured here include Lucie Cheng with Liu Yuzun and Zheng Dehua, Tritia Toyota, Arif Dirlik, Roshni Rostumji, and Henry Yu. Eric Yamamoto and Christine Ho provide cross-racial connections, while Dana Takagi looks at sexuality and gender. Shan Te-Hsing interviews author Karen Tei Yamashita and Christopher Lee examines the literary work of Eileen Chang. The volume ends with multi-faceted investigations of American Chinatowns by Katie Quan, Marlon Hom, and Sauling Wong. This is the first time many of the pieces have been made available in translation to Chinese-reading audiences.


Global Identities, Local Voices is a collaborative editorial and translation project between the Center and the Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica Taiwan.


Excerpt of Introduction by Russell Leong:
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Press Release

Table of Content


Introduction: Where the Past and Future Become the Now Russell C. Leong


Linkages & Boundaries
Chinese Emigration, the Sunning Railway and the Development of Toisan Lucie Cheng, Liu Yuzun, and Zheng Dehua
Radical Sociologies: (Re)reading the Political in the Work of Professor Lucie Cheng, 1939-2010 Tritia Toyota
Colonialism, Globalization and Culture: Reflections on September 11 Arif Dirlik
Existing at the Center, Watching from the Edges Roshni Rustomji
Towards a Pacific History of the Americas Henry Yu


Across Race and Ethnicity
What's Next: Japanese American Redress and African American Reparations Eric Yamamoto
Hold the Chow Mein, Gimme Soca: Creolization of Chinese in Guyana, Trinidad and Jamaica Christine Ho


Pathways to Literature and Gender
Maiden Voyage: Excursion into Sexuality and Identity Politics in Asian America Dana Takagi
Interview with Karen Tei Yamashita Shan Te-Hsing
Rethinking Realisms through the Writings of Eileen Chang Christopher Lee


American Chinatowns and Cultures
Chinese Women Garment Workers in New York Chinatown Katie Quan
Chinatown Literature during the Last Ten Years (1939-1949) by Wenquan Marlon Hom
Tales of Postwar Chinatown: Short Stories of The Bud, 1947-48 Sau-ling Wong


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