Global Identities, Local Voices: Amerasia Journal at 40 Years (Volume 1)

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Press: Asian Culture Publishers, Taipei

Editors: Russell C. Leong, Don T. Nakanishi, Shan Te-hsing

Paperback: $24.95
ISBN-13: 978-986-6274-82-4

Product Details: 510 pages; 6 x 8.25 x 1 in; with photos

Language: Chinese

Categories: Asian American, Asian American Studies; China; Ethnic Studies; Global/Transnational Connections; History; Immigration and Migration; Literature; Poetry; Translation; U.S.-Asia Relations


Collaborative Publication of UCLA Asian American Studies Center and the Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica



Global Identities; Local Voices: Amerasia Journal at 40 Years is a two-volume book project that introduces almost half-a-century of work from Asian American scholars, writers, and researchers in Chinese translation to the Chinese-reading world. Through the power of translation, the pages of Amerasia Journal are now "freed" from the confines of the English language and can reach new audiences of scholars, students, and readers in Taiwan, in mainland China, and in the greater Chinese world on both sides of the Pacific.


This first volume features a range of scholars and literary writers who have contributed to the field of Asian American Studies, including Asian American pioneers, such as Him Mark Lai and Yuji Ichioka, as well as the work of leaders in the field such as Sauling C. Wong, Wu Bing, and Glenn Omatsu. The poems, letters, and essays of acclaimed writers Carlos Bulosan, Maxine Hong Kingston, Hisaye Yamamoto, Jessica Hagedorn, and Lawson Fusao Inada are also included alongside other essential works selected for this publication. The release of these books marks the first time many of the pieces have been made available in translation to Chinese-reading audiences.


Global Identities, Local Voices is a collaborative editorial and translation project between the Center and the Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica Taiwan.


Excerpt of Introduction by Russell Leong:

In Chinese (translated by Shan Te-hsing)
In English (for reference use only)

Table of Contents

Global Identities, Local Voices

  • Yung Wing and the Americanization of China Bill Lann Lee
  • Denationalization Reconsidered: Asian American Cultural Criticism at a Theoretical Crossroads Sau-ling C. Wong
  • Majority World: Challenging the West’s Rhetoric of Democracy Shahidul Alam


Histories Create Historians

  • Musings of a Chinese American Historian Him Mark Lai
  • A Historian by Happenstance Yuji Ichioka


Why Literature Matters

  • Reading Chinese American Literature to Learn About America, China and Chinese America Wu Bing
  • Visions and Fierce Dreams: A Commentary on the Works of Maxine Hong Kingston Elaine Kim
  • A Pole with a Stake in Asian American Literature Dominika Ferens
  • The Many Sides of Happy Lim Gordon H. Chang
  • Even as the Mountain Speaks N.V.M. Gonzalez


The Writers' World

  • Fai’a Samoa Sefa Aina
  • Letter in Exile Carlos Bulosan
  • Fish Poem Manhao Chhor
  • Taqiquan/Push Hands Wing Tek Lum
  • A Letter to Garrett Hongo upon the publication of The Open Boat Maxine Hong Kingston
  • Writing Hisaye Yamamoto
  • Notes from a New York Diary Jessica Hagedorn
  • A Letter to the Editor Lawson Fusao Inada


To Free the Future

  • The "Four Prisons" and the Movements for Liberation Glenn Omatsu
  • Carlos Bulosan in a Time of the Wars on Terror E. San Juan, Jr.
  • Hmong Means "Free," or Does It? Memoirs of the Hmong Dead, 1997 Pa Xiong


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