Cà-Phê Ấm: Seadrift Documentary Screening

Thursday, February 27, 2020 | 7:00 - 9:00pm

7:00-8:00pm Film Screening | 8:00-8:40pm Directory Q&A + Audience Discussion | 8:40-9:30pm Reception

Los Angeles Tennis Center Strauss Club House


The Vietnamese Student Union, co-hosted by the Asian American Studies Center and Bruin Film Society, is proud to host the award-winning documentary in our Cà-Phê Ấm: "Seadrift" Documentary Screening, directed by director Tim Tsai and Dr. Thao Ha from Mira Costa College. This night will highlight Vietnamese culture and tradition, displaying some of the hardships that many Vietnamese immigrants have faced when coming to the United States.

The event's program centers the issue of Vietnamese refugee assimilation in the mid-70's, focusing on the dispute in a fishing territory between a white Americans and Vietnamese refugees, examining the complexities of boat burnings, KKK intimidation, racism and discrimination against Asian-Americans, and lack of government aid in assimilating such communities. The documentary also makes an important connection to today's political climate, as the current administration too seeks to distance itself from aiding new refugees and immigrants that allow for white supremacy and discrimination against immigrant groups of color to persist. Through this event, we hope to give the larger UCLA community a background into the racism faced by newly arrived Vietnamese refugees assimilating into America in order to solve the current problems are communities face as a whole.

This night will be one of knowledge, passion, and empathy. Join us at Cà-Phê Ấm where we will be learning more about a particular refugee community in Seadrift, Texas. After the screening, we will also be having a Q&A session with Dr. Thao Ha and Tim Tsai to discuss these issues in our community. Please RSVP below for a night of learning!

Parking: Please park at Parking Lot 8, Level 4. Visitors may park in designated pay station parking areas. Once parked, go to the nearest parking pay station to purchase duration of parking time needed. Pay using exact cash amount or with a credit card.

RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ca-phe-am-seadrift-documentary-screening-tickets-92520889471