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Since 1971, the Press has published Amerasia Journal, the leading interdisciplinary journal in Asian American Studies. After more than three decades and over 16,000 pages, Amerasia Journal has played an indispensable role in establishing Asian American Studies as a viable and relevant field of scholarship, teaching, community service, and public discourse. Amerasia Journal, according to founding publisher Don T. Nakanishi, "has benefited from and reflected a wide array of profound social changes that have occurred among Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders—be it their unprecedented growth and diversification, or their ever-increasing levels of access, representation, and achievement in American society's institutions and sectors that had long excluded, marginalized, or demonized them."

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Amerasia Journal publishes scholarship on the following topics:

Asians in the Americas
Asian Americans and U.S. Asia Relations
Asian American Studies and the Movement
Comparative Ethnic and Race Relations
Culture, Arts, and Media
Ethnic and Racial Identity
Gender and Women
Hawai‘i and the Pacific
Immigrants, Refugees and Migration
Labor, Business and Economics

Legal, Political and Civil Rights Issues
Literature, Literary Criticism
Multiracial Asians
Sexual Politics and Identities
Short Stories, Memoirs, and Novels
War and Peace Issues
World War II and Japanese Americans
Book and Film Reviews

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9:1 - Politics of Chinese Exclusion (1982) 31:1 - Edward Said’s Orientalism & Asian American Studies
9:2 - Communities and Asian American Literature 31:2 - 30 Years AfterWARd: Vietnamese Americans & U.S. Empire
10:1 - Refugee Resettlement in Orange County 31:3 - Deporting Our Souls & Defending our Immigrants
11:1 - Vietnamese Studies in U.S. 1975-82: Ethnic Labor 32:1 - Marriage Equality Debate 2006
11:2 - Korean Women, Literature 32:2 - Asian American On Meat Vs Rice
15:1 - Salute to 60s/70s: San Francisco State Strike 32:3 - AXISing Asian American Literature
17:3 - Enclave Economy Thesis 33:1 - Ling-Chi Wang: Quintessential Scholar/ Activist
18:2 - Humanities Research Issue 33:2 - Pacific Canada beyond the 49th parallel
18:3 - Annual Selected Bibliography 33:3 - WORLD<WAR>WATADA
20:2 - Alexander Saxton History Awards 34:2 - Word Travels: Asian American Writing in China, Germany, Korea, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Singapore & the US
20:3 - Asian American Poetry 34:3 - How do Asian Americans Create Places?
21:1/2 - Thinking Theory in Asian American Studies 35:1 - Where Women Tell Stories
21:3 - 25 Years of Asian American Studies 35:2 - Subjugated to Subject: Through Class, Race & Sex
23:1 - No Passing Zone: Voices of Asian-descent Multiracials 35:3 - The Political World of Asian Americans: A Tribute to Don Nakanishi
23:2 - Returns & Representations: Recasting Viet Nam, the Philippines, India, Hong Kong, Asian America 36:1 - Asian and Pacific Passages: "The Migrant with a Thousand Faces"
24:1 - Mixed Dialogues: Politics & Culture 36:2 - Asian Australia & Asian America: Making Transnational Connections
24:2 - Essays into American Empire in the Philippines: Part I. Legacies, Heroes, Identity 36:3 - GlobaLinks: Community Institutions and Practices across Nations
25:2 - Crossing the Color Line 37:1 - Word & Image: Russell C. Leong
25:3 - Satyagraha: Political Culture of South Asian Americans 37:2 - Further Desire: Asian & Asian American Sexualities
26:1 - History and Historians in the Making 37:3 - Transoceanic Flows: Pacific Islander Interventions across the American Empire
26:3 - Across the Color Line 2001 38:1 - Los Angeles Since 1992: Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the Uprisings
27:1 - Act, Memory, and Voice 38:2 - Towards a Third Literature: Chinese Writing in the Americas
27:2 - Challenging Race and Racism; Retrospective Look at China’s Cultural Revolution 39:1 - The State of Illness and Disability in Asian America
28:2 - Asians in the Americas: Transculturations and Power 39:2 - Asian American Folklore: Passages and Practices
29:2 - Pedagogy, Social Justice, & the State of Asian American Studies 39:3 - Open Issue (ft. Chol Soo Lee Forum)
29:3 - What Does It Mean To Be Korean Today? Part I. Across Nations, Generations, & Identities 40:1 - Asian American Religions in a Globalized World
30:1 - Part II. Community in the 21st Century 40:2 - Asian American Cultural Politics
30:2 - A Tribute to Miné Okubo 40:3 - Yuri Kochiyama & Tempt One
30:3 - Border Crossings 41:1 - Indigenous Asias



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