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Los Angeles CSU Census 2020 LOS ANGELES CSU CENSUS 2020

Los Angeles CSU Census 2020 is a group of UCLA undergraduate students seeking to mobilize and educate college students who are considered hard-to-count population by the U.S. Census Bureau due to various underlying factors. Factors such as dwelling predicaments, language barriers, and mixed citizenship status often create confusion which prevents many college students from participating in the Census. Partnered with the UCLA Asian American Studies Center, in the course "Representation on the 2020 Census: Hard-to-Count Populations," we have initiated a social media strategy to promote the participation of college students in L.A. County, and we strive to reach beyond Los Angeles.

Meet Our Team

Katherine Bui

Class of 2020

Katherine Bui is a Political Science major, with a Global Studies minor, hoping to go onto law school and become a federal judge one day! She's a proud Huntington Beach, CA native, and loves shopping and trying new restaurants in her free time. She is especially interested in advocating for public school students to be counted in the Census because she's had first-hand experience in the benefits of programs like free and reduced price lunches, but also seen the challenges of underfunded classrooms due to an undercount of children.

Victoria Venzor

Class of 2021

Victoria Venzor is a Political Science major, with a double minor in Public Affairs and Chicana/o/x Studies. Born and raised on the EastSide of Los Angeles in the small neighborhood of Boyle Heights, California, the current Bruin has always had a passion for social justice reform specifically in the criminal justice system and school-to-prison-pipeline complex. Following graduation, Victoria plans to directly attend graduate school to receive a Masters in Public Policy and a Juris Doctor Degree. She plans to go back to her community and advocate for marginalized, under-represented groups who experience hyper policing and racial bias within the criminal system. Her interest in the Census stems from witnessing first hand the disadvantages communities face when they are undercounted. Victoria strives to make a change to better inform and mobilize individuals about the Census in order for residents to receive the benefits they deserve.

Lily Gutierrez

Class of 2021

Lily Gutierrez is a Political Science major, with a double minor in Public Affairs and Education Studies. She hails from a small, unincorporated town of Bloomington in San Bernardino County, CA and enjoys trying new foods and binging shows in her free time. Her public policy passions include advocating for educational equity in Latinx communities and access to higher education institutions. After graduating from UCLA, Lily intends to take a gap year and attend graduate school to receive an MA in Public Policy. She aspires to return to her community and work closely with local and county government officials to improve public schools. Her interest in the Census originates from experiencing first-hand the effects of underfunded public schools and pushing for an accurate count that will result in proper funding for all levels of public education.

Monserrat Hernandez Garcia

Class of 2021

Monserrat Hernandez Garcia is a double major in Political Science and Chicana/o/x Studies, with a minor in Labor and Work Studies hoping to pursue a career in immigration law in the future. Born and raised in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, but, came to call San Bernardino home in 2013. Since a young age, Monserrat has been interested in politics and the way the public policy impacts the Latinx community nationwide, especially in regard to immigration policy targeting first-generation immigrants. After graduating from UCLA in 2021, she plans to take a gap year before pursuing her Juris Doctor Degree and hopes to work hand-in-hand with her community in immigration issues. Her interest in the U.S. Census begins since she experienced first-hand underfunded public schools while living in the Inland Empire, an issue especially prevalent in areas where undercounted groups reside. Monserrat wants to make a change and mobilize the voices of the unheard in order to obtain accurate counts and the benefits necessary for all.