George and Sakaye Aratani Community Advancement Research Endowment (C.A.R.E.)

The George and Sakaye Aratani "Community Advancement Research Endowment," or Aratani C.A.R.E., grants are designed to promote projects that will (1) benefit and advance the Japanese American community, as well as (2) strengthen ties between the Japanese American community and UCLA students, staff, faculty, and alumnae.

Non-profit organizations and qualified individuals are invited to apply for grants that average between but which are not limited to $1000 to $5000, to strengthen ties between JA communities and UCLA, proposals that include a campus partner (e.g., faculty, staff member(s), or student organization) will be prioritized. The web site and applications will be open by October 19, 2015. The deadline for the sixth year of Aratani C.A.R.E. grants is December 18, 2015. Awards will be announced by Winter 2016 quarter. Grants should be completed within a year or less.

For more information on the Aratani C.A.R.E. grants and the application process, please click here.