Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC): 2018-19

UCLA has the largest and most diverse faculty in Asian American Studies in the nation, with nearly sixty professors who teach and undertake research on Asian Pacific Americans from disciplines ranging from History to Urban Planning, and Literature to Public Health.

Faculty Advisory Committee Chair

Kyeyoung Park

Keith Camacho (Asian American Studies)

May Wang  kcamacho(at)ucla.edu

Members of the Faculty Advisory Committee (By Last Name: A-G | H-L | M-O | P-Z)

Kyeyoung Park

Kyeyoung Park (Anthropology and Asian Amerian Studies)

Kyeyoung Park  kpark(at)anthro.ucla.edu

R. Jisung Park

R. Jisung Park (Public Policy and School of Public Health)

R. Jisung Park  jisungpark(at)luskin.ucla.edu

Kyeyoung Park

Thomas M. Philip (Graduate School of Education & Information Studies)

Thomas Phlip  tmp(at)g.ucla.edu

Ninez Ponce

Ninez Ponce (Public Health - Health Services and Asian American Studies)

Ninez Ponce  nponce(at)ucla.edu

Ninez Ponce

Robert Chao Romero (Chicano Studies/Asian American Studies)

Ninez Ponce  rcromero(at)chavez.ucla.edu

Ninez Ponce

Ananya Roy (Urban Planning)

Ninez Ponce  ananya(at)luskin.ucla.edu

Michael Salman

Michael Salman (History and Asian American Studies)

Micheal Salman  salman(at)history.ucla.edu

Margaret Shih

Margaret Shih (Anderson School of Management)

Margaret Shih  margaret.shih(at)anderson.ucla.edu

Research Focus  Research

Shu-Mei Shih

Shu-Mei Shih (Asian Languages & Cultures; Comparative Lit. and Asian American Studies)

Shu-Mei Shih  shih(at)humnet.ucla.edu

Research Focus  Research

Renee Tajima-Pena

May Sudhinaraset (Public Health)

Shu-Mei Shih  msudhinaraset(at)ucla.edu

Renee Tajima-Pena

Renee Tajima-Pena (Asian American Studies)

Shu-Mei Shih  rtajima(at)asianam.ucla.edu

Robert Teranishi

Robert Teranishi (Education)

Lois Takahashi  robert.teranishi(at)ucla.edu

James Tong

James Tong (Political Science)

James Tong  jtong(at)polisci.ucla.edu

Tritia Toyota

Tritia Toyota (Asian American Studies and Anthropology)

Tritia Toyota  

May Wang

May Wang (Public Health - Community Health Science)

May Wang  maywang(at)ucla.edu

Research Focus  Research

Benjamin Woo

Benjamin Woo (Medicine)

May Wang  bkpwoo(at)gmail.com

Research Focus  Research

Cindy Yee-Bradbury

Cindy Yee-Bradbury (Psychology)

Cindy Yee-Bradbury  yee(at)psych.ucla.edu

Research Focus  Research

Karen Umemoto

Karen Umemoto (Urban Planning and Asian American Studies)

Karen Umemoto  kumemoto@luskin.ucla.edu

Research Focus  Research

David K. Yoo

David K. Yoo (Asian American Studies and History)

David K. Yoo  dkyoo(at)ucla.edu

Research Focus  Research

Min Zhou

Min Zhou (Sociology and Asian American Studies)

Min Zhou  mzhou(at)soc.ucla.edu

Research Focus  Research

Members of the Faculty Advisory Committee (By Last Name: A-G | H-L | M-O | P-Z)








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