A History Reclaimed: An Annotated Bibliography of Chinese Language Materials on the Chinese in America (1986)

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Author: Him Mark Lai

Editors: Russell Leong and Jean Pang Yip

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152 pages
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Language(s): English; Chinese

Categories: Bibliography; Chinese; History; Primary Sources; Reference/Index


Because past perspectives on Chinese Americans have relied mainly on English-language sources, “they seldom reflected the attitudes and experiences of the Chinese themselves,” according to historian and bibliographer Him Mark Lai. The purpose of A History Reclaimed is to help remedy this situation. This bibliography lists over 1,500 available works on Chinese in America, which can be found in libraries and institutions in the United States.

Table of Contents

Background To Emigration
Overseas Chinese
Immigration And Exclusion
The Chinese In America
Chinese American Organizations
Economy And Business
Biographies And Travel Accounts
Sociocultural Materials
China Politics

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